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The company was ISO certified 12.10.2018 according to ISO 9001: 2015.

HSE and quality are core values that we at DAP Solution AS value the highest. This is reflected in the fact that HSE and quality will always be in focus at all levels of the company, from management to each employee.


And it will always be a priority for all the company's activities, and that we use suppliers who run their business in accordance with our values and standards for HSE and quality.


Health, environment, safety and quality management responsibility. DAP Solution HSE and QA work is based on the internal control regulations, as well as compliance with the

ISO 9001 management system.



DAP Solution AS quality system measures the requirements of the quality standard NS-EN ISO 9001:2015. In addition to complying with law and regulatory requirements, with the quality system we want to carry out continuous improvement work.

In order to achieve this, we will carry out continuous monitoring of the quality system and our quality work. This is done, among other things, via the reporting system, employee experiences and evaluations, the customer's feedback, internal audits, external audits and the management's review.


Our quality system will contribute to:

- That we comply with external and internal requirements for safety and quality

- That all activities are carried out in a safe, reliable and efficient manner

- Continuous learning and improvement

- Create good quality results in our work

- Customer satisfaction



We believe that high standards of health and safety will help strengthen our performance and that our health and safety policies are closely linked to the services we provide. In DAP Solution, our customers and employees' safety, health and safety are a priority.


All employees of DAP Solution have a responsibility for their own safety, while also being responsible for the safety of others. Therefore, we have a high focus on ensuring that all employees make use of the company's reporting system and report conditions and incidents that can lead to undesirable incidents.

We expect all employees to take the company's HSE values ​​into their daily work, so that we get a safe workplace.


All injuries and occupational diseases can be prevented, and we will strive to have a proactive attitude and promote preventive and health-promoting work so that we get a working environment that promotes well-being and health.

DAP Solution works continuously to avoid stresses and pollution on the external environment and our products and services must satisfy society's and customers' demands for the environment.


Our HSE policy shall contribute to:

- Safety for people's lives and health, including working environment.

- Safety for the environment.

- Security of property and equipment.

- Security of documents and data.

- Security for users of our products and services.

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